I am Indian by nationality and come from a city named Chennai from southern India. Currently, I am a PhD student working in Sandrine Etienne – Manneville’s lab in Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. Before beginning my PhD project, I was pursuing my Master’s in Biotechnology and Biomedical engineering from NIT Rourkela, India. Prior to which, I did my Bachelor’s in Biotechnology from SRM University Chennai, India again. It has been a very intriguing experience to have moved from India to France, especially Paris both scientifically and personally.


In Institut Pasteur, ourlab is mainly interested in cell polarity, migration and cancer and my PhD project is titled “Regulation and functions of Golgi-localized Cdc42”. Cdc42 is an evolutionarily conserved RhoGTPase and is particularly known for its role in control of polarity in several cellular processes such as cell migration, cell differentiation and cell asymmetric division. It is interesting to try to decipher the particular functions of the different pools of Cdc42 especially the lesser studied Golgi pool and try to identify what role it plays in establishing polarity and how it interacts with theother subcellular pools.