Robots at Abu Dhabi!

From Left to Right: Victoria, Suma, Fathima, Amalia and Hala is taking the picture

In November 2018, Amalia and Victoria visited New York University in Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) where they carried out their secondments in the lab of Dr. Kris Gunsalus. There, they took advantage of using a robotic platform to perform two whole-genome RNAi screens in C. elegans.

The goal of the screens was to identify proteins that act redundantly with two major polarity regulators, the proteins lgl-1 and Crbs. “It was a great experience. In Abu Dhabi we had the opportunity to learn more about the Arabic culture and at the same time to explore unforeseen technological tools that really work on the favor of scientific progress” Amalia says.

Victoria: “For this great experience, it’s important to thank Hala Fahs, Fathima Mohammed Refai and Suma Gopinadha that welcomed and helped us during the whole procedure. In Abu Dhabi, we managed to complete 2 screens in only one month, an experiment that would have taken more than four months without the robot.”

On the left panel, Victoria is loading the 96well plates on the robot; center panel depicts the robot; on the right panel Amalia is watching operation of the robot from the computer screens.