5th October 2017

Highschool students taught about cell polarity

Amalia, Victoria and Janine taught a group of 8 high school students about cell polarity, as part of an outreach...
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6th June 2017 / Meetings

7 PolarNet ESRs attending EMBO polarity meeting

  Amalia Riga, Victoria Garcia, Eider Valle-Encinas, Nuria Abajo Lima, Rukshala Illukkumbura, Yamini Yogalakshmi Ravichandran, and Victoria Tian Jing Yan...
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26th April 2017 / Announcements

Eider Valle-Encinas to give a Biotech workshop

Eider Valle-Encinas was invited to give a workshop in the Spanish Biotech Annual Congress that will take place from the...
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26th April 2017

Video introducing York Ammon

First PolarNet video introducing an ESR Over the course of the next months, all of the PolarNet students will introduce...
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26th March 2017 / Announcements

Nuria Abajo Lima finalist in Biotech Design Competition

Nuria and her team are one of three finalist of the ESBES-BIOT Biotech Design Competition, to be held at the...
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26th March 2017 / Announcements

PolarNet Summerschool 2017

Announcing the PolarNet Summerschool 2017 The PolarNet Summerschool will be held in London, from July 5-7 in London. Details to...
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17th February 2017

PolarNet Coordinator Mike Boxem receives NWO-VICI award!

PolarNet Coordinator Dr. Mike Boxem received a VICI award from the The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The Vici...
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18th November 2016 / Meetings

Kickoff meeting

On November 18, 2016, the PolarNet Kickoff meeting was held, with enthusiastic presentations by PIs and all students.
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13th July 2016 / Publications

First PolarNet publication

Congratulations to York Ammon and Anna Akhmanova on their publication "Talin-KANK1 interaction controls the recruitment of cortical microtubule stabilizing complexes...
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