3rd Annual Network Meeting held

On December 10 -14 2018, PolarNet held its 3rd Annual Meeting at the Technische Universität Dresden in beautiful (if a bit cold) Dresden! Our host, Prof. Stephan Grill and his team made sure that everything was very efficiently organized :-). All ESRs attended for the entire week, and enjoyed two very inspiring and educative workshops; a two-day workshop on scientific writing by Dr. Peter Follette, and a two-day career orientation workshop given by Dr. Sarah Blackford. All ESRs were very enthusiastic about the workshops, found them really educative, and appreciated the chance to meet again and sample the nightlife in Dresden!

On the last day of the meeting, (14/12/18), all the ESRs presented their accomplishments and training progress in front of the coordinator and the attending PolarNet PIs. We were pleased to see that all ESRs made good progress and the quality of the presentations is improving over the years! The Annual Scientific Board meeting was held, and the day (and week) culminated with a visit to the Christmas market, and a lovely dinner at a beautiful location on the banks of the river Elbe!